b. 1986, HK.


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Iā€™m a Swedish Graphic Designer that developed my style and approach to problem solving in Barcelona. There I completed both a BA in Graphic Design and a Masters in Image and Fashion Design. 

In Barcelona I co-founded two studios, That Studio and subsequently La Casa de Carlota ā€“ a design studio that collaborates with down-syndrome artists. Together we worked for brands like Nestle, La Caixa and Ajuntament de Barcelona.

In July 2014, I moved to London where I was employed by The Partners. I have worked on a huge range of clients from large global brands to small charities, consistently playing an integral role as either part of a team or the sole designer on a project.

I always take an ideas-led approach with a focus on simplicity and function, aiming to create designs that are both witty and relevant. I have a passion for photography that feeds into my skills as an art director.